Retrato Elsa Sertório

Elsa Sertório has a degree in Sociology. Founding partner of Kintop, she has produced several documentaries including, Occupied Territories (2023), Fire in the Mud (2023), Les Mains Invisibles (2022) and Rising Sun Blues (2022). He has also participated in the production of films for the Faux production company. She has previously worked in executive production for theatre and contemporary dance.

Author of the books Mulheres Imigrantes [ Immigrant Women] (together with Filipa Sousa Pereira, Ed. Ela por Ela, 2004) and Livro Negro do Racismo em Portugal [The Black Book of Racism in Portugal] (Ed. Dinossauro, 2001).

Translator of several works from German and Spanish into Portuguese. She co-directed the film The Other War (2010).